We are always looking to improve the range we sell, and the most important factor for us is to ensure that we are looking at the most ethical and sustainable options. We are committed to changing the way we work to minimise our impact on the planet whilst continuing to bring you the same high-quality official merchandise.

We work closely with the University's department for Social Responsibility and Sustainability to improve our practices, and have gained a silver Sustainability Award. We are currently working towards gold accreditation.

Fair Wear

Fair Wear is an independent non-profit organisation. Its mission is to improve working conditions in garment supply chains. The focus within the supply chain is on those phases of production where sewing is the main manufacturing process. These are among the most labour-intensive phases of the production process. It is also the stage of production where many labour problems are found, and where effective remedy can positively impact the lives of millions of workers.

Fair Wear's Work

Fair Wear assesses and evaluates the efforts of its members to support better working conditions in their supply chain. This includes assessments at the brand level through the so-called annual ‘Brand Performance Check’, which evaluates the implementation of the Fair Wear Code of Labour Practices (CoLP) in a brand’s management system. Additionally, Fair Wear verifies compliance with the Fair Wear CoLP through regular factory audits and a complaints mechanism for factory workers in production countries.

Sustainable purchasing

Our main suppliers have been carefully selected through a national tendering process to ensure they adhere to the University's policy on modern slavery.

The clothing we stock is selected for its ethical credentials, and we aim to use organic cotton and recycled PET polyester where possible in these garments. In the past year we have made the switch to 100% organic cotton in all of our T-shirts and aim to switch our sweatshirts and hoodies to this within the next few years. A number of these already use organic cotton and/or recycled content.

Our accessories and gifts are made from recycled material where possible, and we are actively looking to change more of these in the future.

We also source from local suppliers and artisans where possible, helping to reduce the carbon footprint of the items that we sell.

Sustainable purchasing

Our impact

We acknowledge that our carbon footprint doesn't stop at how our products are made or with what materials; the methods used to transport our products have an impact on the environment, too.

DPD is the courier for most of our suppliers. In 2020, the delivery service provider reached a target of 700 electric vehicles (representing an electrification of over 10 per cent of its fleet). This number is set to grow in the coming years.

Learn about Green DPD

We use Royal Mail Click & Drop to ship your orders locally and worldwide. Royal Mail has committed to become a net zero carbon emission business by 2050, in alignment with the Paris Agreement. The business has also pledged to switch to a 100 per cent alternative fuel fleet by the same year.

Royal Mail Corporate Responsibility

Our local, independent suppliers such as Workshop After Six usually hand-deliver their products to us.

Our impact

Sustainability Awards

Our team are actively involved in promoting sustainability and sharing ideas about how we can lead more environmentally and socially sustainable lives, at home and at work. Examples include reducing waste, completing online sustainability training, switching off non-essential lights and electronics (the 'Winter Shutdown'), and promoting reusable drinkware over disposable alternatives.

The Visitor Centre achieved bronze and silver Sustainability Awards in 2018 and 2019 respectively. We are currently working towards gold accreditation.

You can learn more about the Sustainability Awards at the department for Social Responsibility and Sustainability.

About the Sustainability Awards
Sustainability Awards

Going for Gold

We recognise that there are always opportunities to reduce our impact on the environment.

In 2021, we aim to do more to promote the local and independent makers we work with. We will also be looking at how we can implement an energy-saving initiative in the Visitor Centre and Gift Shop.

Going for Gold

Meet the Makers

Meet the local and independent makers we work with, from handcrafted leather products to University tweed and tartan.

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